The journey to a sustainable future is a highly important one, not just across Scotland, but across the whole world.

As part of the COP26 activity happening around the COP26 meetings in Glasgow which took place in November, we have been running a weekly blog series exploring the role of technology in achieving net zero with our Technology Scotland members.

Since September, we have been hearing from a wide range of our members on a variety of climate focused topics; taking a deep dive into some of the innovative products created to combat climate change with project focused blog pieces as well as thought-pieces, hearing from industry experts on the future of technology and its potential applications as we move forward towards a more sustainable future. Plus lots more!

Mapix technologies

We chat to Jason Rogers, Marketing Manager at Mapix technologies and Routescene to find out about their LiDAR technology and its applications.


We hear from UniKLasers about their energy saving lasers and their applications directly related to reducing carbon emissions in the pursuit of efficient renewable energy. 

Urban Foresight

We hear from Urban Foresight on the importance of accessibility in electric vehicle infrastructure.


We hear from Thales on their collaborative Multi-Platform Inspection, Maintenance and Repair in Extreme Environments (MIMRee) project, an innovative project involved in proving the concept for robotic teams repairing offshore windfarms.


We hear from Mobilleo on the collaborative GO-HI project which will make it easier for residents, tourists and business travellers to make greater use of public transport and car sharing and to decide when cycling is an option across the Scottish Highlands.


We hear from Liftshare on their Mobilityways platform, a data-led approach to measuring and managing commuter emissions to support employers to meet their net zero goals.

Fraunhofer CAP

We hear from Simon Andrews, Executive Director at Fraunhofer CAP, on the role of photonics tools in net zero and some of the interesting climate focussed projects Fraunhofer CAP have been involved in.

Fuse Mobility

We hear from Steve Cassidy at Fuse Mobility on a range of their MaaS projects and how they are helping people to make more informed, sustainable and overall better transport choices across Scotland. 


We chat with Andrew Broadbent from Hitachi Europe’s European R&D Centre to find out about how innovative technologies and solutions will help us transition to a carbon-neutral world.


We hear from Wideblue on some of their interesting wind Lidar projects, what the future holds for these technologies and more. 


We hear from QuantIC on how innovation in quantum imaging and sensing can transform UK industries and reduce environmental damage.


We hear from Liftango on how they have been helping organisations forge a pathway to greener transport.


We hear from Filament as they explore the environmental impact of the current systems involved in product design and development and share their thoughts on how we can move forward sustainably.


We hear from Synaptec as they share five of the ways they support the drive for net-zero.


We hear from NMIS as they discuss the future of manufacturing a net-zero future for the industry with NMIS Chief Operating Officer Sarah Jardine.


A collaboration with Technology Scotland members exploring the small acts they do to contribute to reducing the impact of climate change.