Take a look below at our activity highlights across October.

Date Activity Description
4th October Attended Scotland’s Traffic Summit Discussed the role of business (and highlighted the potential for MaaS) in meeting the Government’s target of 20% car km reduction by 2030.
4th & 5th October Space Suppliers Summit Attended the supply-chain led 2 day event which brought together organisations in a conference day as well as workshops and B2B meetings.
6th October Photonics21 Work Group 5 meeting Follow-up Workshop for WG5 “Safety, Security, Space and Defense” to further discuss and to identify the strategic approach in the field for the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.
6th October First Product Design Scotland Networking Event Our first PDS networking event brought together over 50 attendees from across the design, innovation and manufacturing sectors in Scotland.
6th October Scottish Cluster Ecosystem Alliance Attended regular meeting of SCEA to connect with other technology clusters across Scotland and discuss shared challenges.
10th October MaaS Scotland Steering Board Meeting Regular quarterly meeting to discuss future activity of MaaS Scotland network.
11th October Photonics update meeting with officials from Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise Regular monthly meeting to discuss photonics sector in Scotland and Photonics Scotland activities.
12th October Attended Equal Engineers Glasgow Careers Fair Provided opportunity to highlight careers in photonics to hundreds of school children and university students.
12th October Photonics Leadership Group AGM Attended meeting to discuss status, issues and developments in the UK photonics sector and provide our vote on AGM business.
12th October IET Engineering Policy Group Scotland Meeting Attended meeting to discuss EPGS business.
18th October IET ECOC’23 conference discussions Met with representatives from IET who are organising ECOC’23 conference to discuss how Technology Scotland can provide input.
18th October Meeting of Opening up Photonics management team. Met with representatives from IOP Scotland, University of Glasgow and Innovate UK KTN to discuss the Opening up Photonics initiative and plan next steps.
21st October Photonics21 Work Group 3 meeting Follow-up Workshop for WG3 “Health” to further discuss and to identify the strategic approach in the field for the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.
25th October Advanced Manufacturing National Occupational Standards Technical Expert Group Attended meeting for the development of 6 new NOS for the Higher-Level Functions in Advanced Manufacture
26th October 8th Photonics for Space Special Interest Group Meeting Hosted by Heriot-Watt University, attendees heard about the university’s new optical ground station.
31st October 3rd Zero Carbon Commuting Conference Presented on Scottish MaaS developments at ZC3 conference hosted by Mobilityways.

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