Technology Scotland recently caught up with our member, PMT GB for our Member Spotlight series. We find out about who PMT GB are, what they do, and much more! Take a look below and get to know them.

What does your organisation do?

PMT (GB) has been dedicated to contamination control and monitoring instrumentation for more than 20 years.

We are a UK based company with offices in Malvern Worcestershire and Rosyth Scotland. We are also part of a group of 5 companies covering mainland Europe employing more than 60 people which gives us a vast knowledge and experience base to call upon.

PMT (GB) Ltd can provide both a complete turn-key Environmental Facility Monitoring System to meet a client’s requirements, or offer individual stand-alone instruments including a comprehensive range of Optical Particle Counters (OPC’s) and “classical agar-based” Active Air Samplers (AAS’s) as well as Surface Particle Counters and Particle Deposition Monitors.

For microbial monitoring, we are Industry Leaders in real time and rapid instruments for Air and Water, meeting current Annex 1 GMP Guidelines and capable of seeing and reporting on single organisms or following bioburden trending.

Additionally, we offer oil and liquid particle counters for pure water, Chemicals and Corrosive Acid, we also have a range Electrostatic Elimination and Detection equipment.

Our aim is to create solutions for the customer that not only satisfies their needs but also meets regulatory requirements and offers state of the art technology, whilst operating within budgetary constraints.

PMT (GB) can support the customer from initial request, solution design, equipment supply, IQ/OQ documentation and execution. Full support for maintenance and calibration both on-site and in-house to National or ISO17025 Standards.

We can provide a “one stop shop” for a complete Contamination Control package, covering Air, Water and Surfaces, for viable / non-viable particles and ESD.

PMT (GB) Ltd are also the only ISO17025 (UKAS) accredited organisation in the UK for particle counter and air sampler calibrations both in our laboratory and at the customer site – the latter being highly important for instruments employed in critical areas.

What is your organisation’s biggest achievement?

PMT (GB) Ltd was one of the first companies in the world to be accredited to the Internationally recognised Standard of ISO17025 (UKAS) for the calibration of optical particle counters. It was a long process to gain this recognition performed by a dedicated team of Quality System led engineers over a 5-year period.

Since then, PMT (GB) has extended their scope of ISO17025 accreditation to include active air samplers. Even more impressive and with a nod to continuous improvement, PMT (GB) can now perform ISO17025 calibrations both at PMT’s in-house laboratory or at the client’s site – a hugely beneficial advantage for instruments being used in critical situations.

With UKAS auditing us every year, this ensures we maintain a high level of competence within the service department. In addition to our accreditation, PMT (GB) partners with leading contamination control manufacturers such as TSI, BWT, Simco-ion, Hyclas and Rion. We offer an unrivalled product portfolio of contamination control and monitoring instruments covering Air, Water, Surfaces, Oil & Chemicals and are capable of full facility environmental monitoring systems which can cover Particles, Microbials, Pressure, Temperature and most other environmental sensors.

Tell us something exciting about your organisation 

PMT (GB) can provide the latest technology in Rapid and Real Time Microbial Monitoring. Partnering with TSI and BWT we can monitor microbial contamination in both Air and Water and show results within less than 30 minutes. Existing methods can take up to 5 days to get a result, so using our range of instruments can offer the customer an immediate understanding of their processes and any excursions can be acted on immediately, giving a huge time and money saving solution.

As part of our product portfolio, our sister company, OMT, manufactures the Partsens+ 4.0 instrument, which is a Surface Particle Counter that can distinguish between metallic, non-metallic particles and fibres. The use of glancing light technology according to ISO 14664-9 allows for reproducible and highly accurate measurement results.

We will also be exhibiting at various events in the next 12 months including Lab Innovations, Pharmig Annual Conference, ISPE UK Annual Conference and Making Pharma 2024.

Why did you join Technology Scotland?

PMT (GB) joined Technology Scotland as we think it will give us insights into market trends and allow us to network with like-minded people, to find out what types of technology the industry is looking for. It also gives us the opportunity to show case our range of contamination control solutions and to get a wider market presence.

For more information on PMT (GB) Ltd, please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website