The Technology Scotland team have been busy across the COP26 period, from running our weekly blog series with our members, to being involved in events across our networks and more, the team has been working hard to showcase everything the Scottish enabling technology sector has to offer as we embark upon the journey to a sustainable future.

Blog series: The journey to a sustainable future…with Technology Scotland members

The journey to a sustainable future is a highly important one, not just across Scotland, but across the whole world.

As part of the COP26 activity happening around the COP26 meetings in Glasgow which took place in November, Technology Scotland ran a weekly blog series exploring the role of technology in achieving net zero with our members.

Since September, we have heard from a wide range of our members on a variety of climate focused topics; taking a deep dive into some of the innovative products created to combat climate change with project focused blog pieces as well as thought-pieces, hearing from industry experts on the future of technology and its potential applications as we move forward towards a more sustainable future. Plus lots more! Click the button below to view all of the blogs within our series.

Small acts = big changes – with Technology Scotland members

A collaboration with Technology Scotland members exploring the small acts they do to contribute to reducing the impact of climate change.


  • Presented at ScotlandIS event ‘Climate Tech Smart mobility, tourism and cities: A world leading transportation system’ – 26th October
  • Facilitated Transport Session as part of ‘Scotland’s Contribution to COP26: a joined-up Just Transition’ event delivered by Scotland’s Innovation Centres – 26th October
  • Presented at Hitachi European Innovation Form (member event held in conjunction with COP26) – 5th November
  • Attended Sustainable Transport Reception delivered by Transport Scotland and the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance – 10th November
  • Delivered workshop on technology and behavioural change as part of MSIP Demonstrator and Showcase Event – 11th November