UrbanThings has won a new contract from TravelMaster to create a dedicated passenger mobile app for public transport users in South Yorkshire. This initiative aims to help passengers buy and collect their travel tickets more quickly from the comfort and convenience of their smartphone.

In response to passenger feedback, TravelMaster was seeking to improve its process for digital ticket retail, where purchasing and ticket collection could often involve a number of separate steps. TravelMaster decided to work with UrbanThings to streamline this process, increasing passenger trust, improve their purchasing experience, and ultimately, the wider adoption of public transport.

UrbanThings will use their mobile applications expertise to deliver a smart ticketing solution that will enable passengers to order and register smartcards, purchase tickets and load them onto their TravelMaster smartcards. With everything in the same place, buying a travel ticket will be simpler and faster on the app. The solution will be based upon the proven, existing transport software platform UrbanHub that has been deployed to customers across the UK and Europe. By working with TravelMaster, UrbanThings will get greater visibility into consumer trends and preferences, making it easier to optimise their products and services.

“We approached UrbanThings to improve the customer experience. I worked with the team on another project – around standardisation of transport assets – and UrbanThings are always delivering innovative solutions. What impressed me was the technical skills – we also share a lot of common interests in the way we want to progress.”

John Henshall, General Manager at TravelMaster

Because transport operators, suppliers and passengers need to work together to make services efficient and sustainable for everyone, TravelMaster is hoping that a dedicated passenger app will lay a solid foundation for future smart ticketing initiatives. With around 26,000 passengers a month, offering a smooth customer experience and easy access to support and information is key. Eventually, the app will encourage people to use shared transport even more, and reduce congestion.

“One of the best things about UrbanHub is its flexibility and integration capabilities. Mobile ticketing and payment options allow passengers to plan and pay for their journey. UrbanHub plays a significant role in fostering improved mobility for future generations.”

Ashish Pande, Product Manager at UrbanThings