Technology Scotland is delighted to learn that one of its members, UniKLasers – manufacturers of Single Frequency CW DPSS Lasers – have been selected to present progress from their ongoing Quantum Technologies Commercialisation projects in collaboration with Fraunhofer-UK and the University of Birmingham at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London.

The National Quantum Technologies Programme, announced in 2013 with a government investment of £270 million into quantum technologies, has moved the UK to the forefront of this technology area. It has been a coordinated national effort, combining universities; industry; government departments and organisations.

UniKLasers have been an active participant in the UK National QT programme, focussing on Single Frequency DPSS Lasers for Commercial Optical Clocks. We are currently working on three collaborative QT commercialisations projects:

PLAID – Praseodymium Laser Architecture Investigation and Demonstrator
MINUSQULE – Miniature Lasers for Quantum Technologies
LQT813 – DPSS Laser stabilised at 813nm for Sr Clock Application
Lockable Single Frequency DPSS Lasers at Quantum Technology wavelengths Quantum technologies will bring a step-change improvement to a range of high-impact applications, in our projects – ultra stable quantum clocks for financial transaction time stamping, navigation, medical imaging, oil and gas prospecting and ultra-secure communications. For quantum technology to deliver its potential, laser systems on which they depend, need to undergo a reduction in size, cost and power consumption. Systems will have to operate at wavelengths currently not easily accessible, 698.4, 780 & 689.4 nm. We are developing a laser platform, which matches the optical performance of Ti:S lasers in a footprint and price comparable to external-cavity diode lasers.

Our technical experts will be on hand to answer questions and share UniKLasers’ latest developments on Single Frequency DPSS Lasers for commercial atomic clocks for timing and synchronisation.

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