Following Friday’s EU Referendum result, it has become clear that there are wide-ranging implications for science and technology in Scotland, from funding, to research to innovation. The extent of this change will become clearer over the next months as the Scottish and UK governments develop a plan to deal with the Brexit vote.

At Technology Scotland we will support all firms working within the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). Science and technology is not confined to one place; it is far reaching and thrives on free exchange and collaboration. Science and technology creates jobs, contributes to economic growth, and drives innovation and creativity whether in Scotland, the UK, the EU or further afield.

That being said, it is clear that organisations in Scotland working within KET sectors have benefitted hugely from the UK’s membership of the EU. It has allowed Scottish organisations to make significant contributions to international collaborations, be supported through key funding programmes, and be part of world-leading KET communities.

This is a time for Scotland’s KET community to speak collectively to ensure their needs, values and concerns are understood and acted upon. We would therefore encourage Technology Scotland members to articulate their immediate and long term concerns, so we can collate and aggregate an industry position to lobby government agencies on our member’s behalf.

Please send initial comments to Emma Dixon at [email protected]