On Tuesday 20th February, Technology Scotland held the first meeting of its newly established Photonics and Quantum Future Skills Leadership Group.

The overriding objective of this group is to improve feedback channels between industry, higher and further education providers, and skills agencies. In doing so, the group aims to create a forum that will provide strategic direction to Scotland’s future skills provision in photonics and quantum, ensuring skills development meets industry demand while meeting the wider aims of Scotland’s skills development landscape.

The group will address the complete range of skills needs within the sector, recognising the diverse range of development routes that will be required to meet these needs. This will include work-based learning, micro credentials, apprenticeship frameworks and CPD modules, alongside more traditional university education routes.

Technology Scotland was delighted to welcome over 20 organisations to the Group’s first meeting, including industry, academia, skills providers, government agencies, and outreach partners. The group discussed an immediate objective to create a Strategic Skills Report which will focus on:

  • Evidence of industry skills demand over the coming decade.
  • Recommendations for future skills development activities (format and delivery) that will meet this demand.
  • Practical first steps towards these recommendations.

The next meeting of the Group is scheduled for 30th April.

For further information on this Group, please contact [email protected]