pureLiFi has been crowned Scotland’s most innovative technology company for 2020 after securing backing from both a high-profile judging panel and readers of tech publication BusinessCloud.

Headquartered in Edinburgh, pureLiFi is a world leader in a fledgling technology which enables secure data transmission via the light spectrum rather than radio waves and is already capable of achieving gigabit internet speeds, with the potential to reach tens of gigabits per second.

“pureLiFi are the recognised inventors of LiFi. We have the most comprehensive LiFi offering on the market. Our technology can be deployed today and integrated into commercial products such as mobile phones, tablets, displays and lighting devices,” CEO Alistair Banham told BusinessCloud.

“The light spectrum is 1,000 times the bandwidth of the RF spectrum. LiFi is like a motorway while RF is a country road: you can simply push a lot more traffic through with light rather than radio. LiFi will become the biggest bearer of data within future networks.

“LiFi is a disruptive technology with almost limitless applications. The scale of opportunity is massive.”

On topping the Scotland Tech 50 ranking, he added: “It’s a great honour to be crowned Scotland’s most innovative tech company. Innovation is one of our core values and it’s extremely rewarding for the entire team to be recognised for it.

“We all have one vision in mind: to take this LiFi technology mainstream.”

Edinburgh-headquartered pureLiFi led the way in BusinessCloud’s regional ranking, which compares companies of all sizes creating innovative technology, after finishing 14th in 2019.

Second in the ranking was Edinburgh’s TVSquared, which provides analytics for TV ad campaigns and was up two places from 2019.

Vertical farming tech firm Intelligent Growth Solutions was third after topping the ranking in 2019.

AI-enabled cancer-fighting company ClinSpec Dx and satellite network R3IoT, which serves remote regions, rounded out the top five.

Edinburgh’s Biscuit Tin, a secure online vault for managing ‘end-of-life’ wishes, was one of 11 new entrants to crack the top 15.

The capital contributed exactly half of the top 50 companies, followed by Glasgow (14), Dundee (4) and Aberdeen (3).

Glasgow led the way in the top 10, with four firms based in that city ahead of Edinburgh (3) and one apiece from Dundee, Inverness and Newhouse.

BusinessCloud called on its readers to vote for companies from a 130-strong shortlist and saw more than 2,200 votes pour in.

A combination of these votes and choices from an expert judging panel determined the top 50.

The judging panel was comprised of:

  • Hazel Gibbens, entrepreneur engagement manager (Scotland), Tech Nation
  • Alastair McInroy, CEO, Technology Scotland
  • Evelyn McDonald, CEO, Scottish EDGE
  • Garry Bernstein, founder, Tech Scotland Advocates
  • Alistair Forbes, founding director, Scottish Tech Army
  • Jonathan Symcox, editor, BusinessCloud

The full ranking is below (last year’s position in brackets) and available from BusinessCloud’s website.

  1. PureLiFi, Edinburgh (14)
  2. TVSquared, Edinburgh (4)
  3. Intelligent Growth Solutions, Dundee (1)
  4. ClinSpec Dx, Glasgow
  5. R3IoT, Glasgow
  6. Novosound, Newhouse
  7. ID, Glasgow
  8. Space Intelligence, Edinburgh
  9. MIME Technologies, Inverness
  10. Find a Player, Glasgow
  11. DeepMiner, Aberdeen
  12. PolyDigi Tech, Edinburgh
  13. Biscuit Tin, Edinburgh
  14. Holoxica, Edinburgh
  15. IceRobotics, Edinburgh (11)
  16. Speech Graphics, Edinburgh (2)
  17. Myway Digital Health, Dundee (7)
  18. Firefish Software, Glasgow
  19. Machine Labs, Livingston
  20. arbnco, Glasgow
  21. Blackford Analysis, Edinburgh
  22. Innovair, Aberdeen
  23. Symphonic Software, Edinburgh
  24. Kumulos, Dundee
  25. Beringar, Edinburgh (32)
  26. Roslin Technologies, Edinburgh
  27. Playerdata, Edinburgh
  28. Money Dashboard, Edinburgh (49)
  29. Adimo, Glasgow
  30. Digitonic, Glasgow
  31. Kelvin Nanotechnology, Glasgow
  32. QikServe, Edinburgh
  33. Appointedd, Edinburgh (27)
  34. Good-Loop, Edinburgh (20)
  35. WhisperClaims, Edinburgh
  36. Swipii, Glasgow (6)
  37. DDK Positioning, Aberdeen
  38. Wallet Services, Edinburgh (36)
  39. Administrate, Edinburgh
  40. Krotos, Edinburgh
  41. Thinkwhere, Stirling
  42. Criton, Edinburgh
  43. Edge Testing Solutions, Glasgow
  44. Stampede, Edinburgh
  45. 3fbio, Glasgow
  46. Odro, Glasgow
  47. Condatis, Edinburgh (50)
  48. HubSolv, Glasgow
  49. Intellidigest, Edinburgh
  50. Bright Ascension, Dundee (40)


Technology Scotland is delighted to see our member, PureLiFi, ranked as Business Cloud’s number 1 most innovative technology company for 2020! We’re also very pleased to see members Holoxica and Kelvin Nanontechnology in the rankings. Congratulations!