I am delighted to be appointed Chief Executive of Technology Scotland, the new Cluster Organisation for the Key Enabling Technology (KET) sectors in Scotland.

Technology Scotland will bring together industry, academia, and government, in technology clusters to help develop Scotland’s technology capabilities, by applying KETs to selected applications which support our members’ strategic objectives.

With Technology Scotland’s leadership, we will foster and enable new clusters and collaboration in KETs, which we hope will be instrumental in the modernisation of Scotland’s industrial base and in driving the development of new products, services and industries.

Technology Scotland will provide an independent voice for the KET community in Scotland, bringing together the diverse technology interests to the benefit of the community and the wider Scottish economy, and acting as a champion and conduit for members to and from the various government agencies.

We will provide a range of value add services such as various marketing opportunities, best practice forums, benchmarking activities, and access to Technology Scotland knowledge networks and resources to help the members increase their local and global competitiveness”.