Participate in Technology Scotland’s 2017 Skills & Recruitment Industry Survey & win a bottle of single malt Scotch whisky!

As part of our efforts to continually engage with and support Scotland’s Emerging & Enabling (E&E) Technology community, we would like to invite you to take part in our leading Skills & Recruitment Industry Survey.

It is widely acknowledged that attracting and retaining talent in the STEM industries can be challenging. With this in mind, this survey will deliver a valuable insight on the obstacles currently faced in skills and recruitment by the E&E Technology community, whilst offering potential solutions in areas that need to be addressed.

By participating in this survey and engaging with the results, you will be able to benchmark your company, share your view and experiences, and in turn improve your ability to attract and retain staff in today’s competitive market.



About Scotland’s E&E Technology community

Scotland has a vibrant and growing E&E Technology community described as a ‘precious jewel in Scotland’s economic crown’. In terms of employment alone, the E&E community consists of over 15,000 employees across 400 enterprises, amassing over £4.0 billion in turnover and accounting for 10% of Scottish exports.

With E&E Technologies playing a vital role in the future of the Scottish and global economy, it is crucial that Scotland is able to train, , attract, recruit and retain a skilled workforce to help develop new products and services, increase exports and add to the economy.

As the leading trade association for the E&E community in Scotland, Technology Scotland is committed to supporting our members, providing an independent voice to help promote their successes and overcome any challenges.

We therefore urge you to complete the survey and voice your opinions!

Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence, anonymised and never divulged to any third parties.