The Manufacturing Skills Academy at NMIS and SDS, are working with partners and currently carrying out a feasibility study for a Pre-Approved Talent System (PATS).  We’d like to hear the views of Technology Scotland members as we know that large organisations receive, interview and assess applications from significantly more apprentices and/or graduate engineers than they can employ. Often there are strong applicants who pass an acceptable standard but just miss out on a position. SME’s on the other hand can face challenges attracting suitable applications for their apprenticeship and graduate openings.

How do we create a system that identifies strong but unplaced candidates and feeds them into the supply chain, and how do we capture the intention of those who have expressed interest in the sector and signpost them to keep that talent engaged.  PATS will investigate the potential of sharing this Pre-Approved Talent pool across the engineering and manufacturing sectors, retaining talent in the local economy.

Completion of a 10 minute survey will help assess this

Equally if you are interested in attending a 1 hour focus group meeting or having a one-to-one conversation on this, please contact Millie Rodgers at [email protected]