PMT (GB) Ltd are dedicated to the provision and service of Particle Counters, Facility Monitoring Systems, Microbial Air Samplers, RMM’s and Ionisation equipment, with ISO17025 Accreditation for Aerosol Particle Counter and Air Sampler calibrations.

We supply and service a range of contamination control and monitoring instrumentation for Air, Liquids, Chemicals, and surfaces for industries such as Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Aerospace or any other industry working in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

Introducing the new AeroTrak®+ Portable Particle Counter A100 Series. Whether working in pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, or cleanroom certification, this instrument is engineered to meet user specific needs to help identify potential sources of environmental contamination and track changes in particle levels over time in cleanrooms and controlled environments. The new Portable is ideal for all industries for cleanroom certification to ISO14644-1, cleanroom monitoring to ISO14644-2 and specialised tasks including gas testing and filter scanning.

AeroTrak®+ Portable APCs provide the newest features— 21CFR Part11 data integrity, built in standards including Annex1:2022 communication options, and an intuitive GUI—that lead to a better customer experience and easy compliance. Standalone or as part of an easy to use complete monitoring system, AeroTrak+ Portable APCs meet your needs.

6 Particle size channels starting at 0.3µm, flow rates of 28.3lpm, 50lpm & 100lpm. This instrument can be used as a standalone unit or part of a full monitoring system.

  • One instrument does it all- classify, monitor, filter scan, gas testing and root-cause analysis.
  • Automated ISO 14644-1 and GMP (EU GMP and China GMP) reporting and instrument workflow with included TrakPro™ Lite Secure Software
  • ISO 21501-4 calibration compliance
  • Sample the correct volume of gas with built in gas correction factors.
  • Filter test and investigate mode (both audible and visual).
  • 5 year laser warranty

For more information, please contact PMT (GB) Ltd on [email protected] or 01684 312950 or visit our website at