Since 1999, Photonic Solutions has been providing best-in-class technology solutions to the UK photonics sector.  We are recognised as one of Europe’s leading optoelectronics companies with an impressive track record of success.

We now represent over 30 of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of lasers, spectroscopy, microscopy, and optoelectronics products; partnering with industrial and academic institutions to support the UK’s photonics industry.

Our team has steadily grown to include service engineers and specialists (Over 50% of whom are PhD-educated) to ensure rapid, high-quality service and support anywhere in the UK.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality photonic products backed up by the highest quality service and support.

We represent only well-established manufacturers with a quality-driven product line and a reputation of providing the highest quality photonics products to both research and industry.

We are a solutions-focused company, seeking to provide you with the technology to bring your ideas to life.

Since our inception we have provided solutions for companies and groups of all sizes, from small, individual units, to multi-million-pound bespoke OEM systems.

Our portfolio is constantly growing as we build partnerships with new companies to bring an ever-more expansive selection of products to the UK markets as demand and requirements become more specific.

The key to Photonic Solutions success is ensuring total customer satisfaction through open and regular two-way interactive communication; this fosters a real partnership benefiting everyone.