PhotonHub aims to accelerate the uptake of photonics technologies in industry by enabling access to leading academic experts across Europe, as well as providing training courses and funding opportunities. The project is targeting in particular companies who are new to photonics or feel that they could benefit from these new technologies in their application or market sector but don’t know where to start. The consortium of more than 50 institutions is represented in the UK by the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at the University of Southampton and CPI-UK, with ORC acting as technology providers for laser, fibre-optic and silicon photonics technologies, amongst more, and CPI acting as the outreach and orientation partners.

You can find out more about the opportunities for UK industry, as well as UK contacts for the project here.

Training opportunities

A highlight of the PhotonHub project is the plethora of training opportunities within the new European Photonics Academy, which aims to train thousands of industry workers in the adoption and development of innovative photonics-based solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges. The training, provided by world leading experts from the PhotonHub consortium members, is available in 4 formats:

  • Free online introductory training to photonics
  • Free specialised online training in a range of photonics technologies and applications
  • 1-day Demo Centres providing hands-on experience
  • 3-day Experience Centres providing an in-depth hands-on training opportunity

For those who are new to photonics, the monthly online introductory training courses provide a perfect opportunity to discover the potential of photonics for a wide range of applications and learn how it can help your business. Find out more. You can also register for free specialised online training courses here.

Later in the year, the ORC will offer its second Demo Centre training course: Silicon Photonics: Build Your Own Chip on 26th October 2022. This 1-day training course will enable you to visit the ORC cleanrooms and run through a silicon photonics integrated circuit fabrication process. At the end of the day, you can take the fabricated photonic chip home with you. Find out more and sign up.

Funding opportunities

The PhotonHub project has a budget of >€7M to fund Test-Before-Invest Technology Support projects. Via these projects up to €100k (>75% subsidised) is available for first time photonics innovators in a wide range of application areas. If you are in the photonics business, then you can still qualify for funding if you are looking for opportunities to explore other areas of photonics technologies. These projects support TRL’s 3-8, with the funding available dependent on the TRL level of your project.

The PhotonHub partners have significant expertise in the design, fabrication and characterisation of devices and systems in the following technology platforms:

  • Laser-based Manufacturing
  • Glass and Polymer Specialty Fibres and Fibre devices
  • Free-Space Photonic Components and Systems
  • Polymer-based photonic components and large-area organic-photonics
  • MOEMS and Hybrid Photonics Systems
  • Silicon-based photonic integrated circuits
  • InP-based Photonic Integrated Circuits
  • Silicon Nitride waveguide technology

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Business coaching 

The added value of PhotonHub is further strengthened by the delivery of complementary support in business coaching as an integral part of the innovation projects carried out with the granted companies. This business coaching support is provided by one of the specialist business support partners within PhotonHub, covering all aspects of successful commercialisation from business strategy and planning, to market and competitive analysis, sales and financial management, and intellectual property (IP) protection and exploitation.

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Investment matchmaking

Whether you are a start-up looking for seed investment or a scale-up seeking growth capital, PhotonHub offers you multiple opportunities for connecting with suitable potential venture capitalists and corporate investors with a particular interest in “photonics-powered” innovation. The key support for helping companies to find investment – all provided free-of-charge by PhotonHub – include:

  • Investor community platform
  • European Photonics Venture Forum
  • The INPHO Venture Summit
  • Photonics Investor Days

UK Contacts for Further Information

Dr Callum Littlejohns, Project leader at University of Southampton

E: [email protected]

Dr Tom Harvey, Project leader at CPI

  1. [email protected]