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100% Funding for Innovative Solutions that can improve the Scottish NHS Dermatology Service

NHS Scotland, the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise are currently scoping out the case for supporting NHS Scotland with a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) call to improve Dermatology service provision through the application of innovative digital technologies.

As part of this, they are keen to identify Scottish companies that may be interested in this opportunity. Can you support NHS Scotland to capture, transfer and store patient images and improve referral and consultation services through innovative technologies and digital platforms?
NHS Scotland, the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise are scoping out a 100% funded innovation call to attract and support the commercialisation of innovative solutions to improve dermatology service provision. This is a global issue and opportunity and NHS Scotland, as a potential first customer, could provide your organisation with a stepping stone to this international market.

The innovation challenge outlined will help achieve a step-change in how our direct clinical care is provided, maintaining face-to-face consultations for those who require them, but enabling virtual consultations to develop a smarter method for delivering a proportion of clinic consults.

The exact functionality of the solution is to be refined, but the expectation is for a solution that talks to Scotland’s NHS systems, permits virtual consults for patients selected as suitable for such a consult, helping use clinical images, even video clips, where that ‘consultation’ takes place within a direct clinical care session. This will increase efficiency, increasing the capacity of the service. It is expected that underpinning this development will be a secure accessible national repository for clinical images/video-clips that are searchable securely with the patient ID.

Scottish Enterprise is planning to run information sessions to better inform interested organisations of this opportunity. If this is of interest, please contact Terry Hogg at [email protected] and provide your company name, contact details and postcode.

The deadline for registering your interest is close of play Friday 26th August.