The Technology Scotland team, through the Photonics Scotland network, are pleased to be hosting a shared stand for the first time at The European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) exhibition, taking place at the SEC Glasgow from 2nd – 4th October 2023.

Ahead of this exciting event we’re talking to our partners involved to find out some more about them, what they’ll be exhibiting and what they’re looking forward to at ECOC, and lots more.

This week, we’re talking with our member and partner, pureLiFi.

Tell us a bit about your organisation and what you do

pureLiFi is the global leader in LiFi technology. LiFi is a wireless technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. By harnessing the light spectrum, LiFi can unleash faster, more reliable wireless communications with unparalleled security compared to conventional technologies such as WiFi and 5G.

pureLiFi is bringing to market the world’s first commercial light antennas—the optoelectronic components which make LiFi possible—for all kinds of devices, from industrial to consumer, and from smart cars to smartphones.

pureLiFi also offers LiFi systems for customers who need to augment, enhance, or transform their wireless networks with the latest in wireless communications technology.

What attracted you to getting involved in the Technology Scotland stand at ECOC?

We are delighted to participate in the Technology Scotland Exhibition.  Technology Scotland plays a pivotal role in supporting a dynamic community of organisations that pioneer world-leading technologies across various industries. By showcasing our LiFi technology at ECOC through this platform, pureLiFi aims to benefit from the exposure and opportunities it offers.

Why does representation of the Scottish cluster matter at international events like ECOC?

Scotland has a world class photonics sector which is complimented by world leading university research. LiFi is an emerging technology that was launched here in Scotland holds tremendous global potential. Representation of the photonics sector at events like ECOC supports raising the global profile of these unique capabilities in Scotland. This event supports our vision to highlight Scotland as a global centre excellence for LiFi technology.  This will encourage customers to come to Scotland and industries to invest in a global LiFi ecosystem to support economic growth and increased innovation of this growing industry.

What are you most looking forward to about ECOC?

ECOC is Europe’s leading conference on optical communications and we eagerly anticipate not only sharing our latest advancements in LiFi technology but also gaining insights into the latest developments within the broader optical communications ecosystem.

What will you be exhibiting at the TS stand and when can we find you there?

Visitors to our booth can experience the LiFi Cube, our newest plug-and-play LiFi system designed for instant, on-the-go LiFi access. The LiFi Cube delivers all the security and performance benefits associated with LiFi in a portable, flexible package. We look forward to demonstrating its capabilities and answering any questions at the Technology Scotland stand during ECOC. You can find us on the Technology Scotland stand on Monday morning (2nd October) and Wednesday afternoon (4th October).