Complete now: SQA Engineering Qualifications Scoping Exercise

Do you use SQA Engineering Qualifications such as PDAs, NCs, HNCs or HNDs as part of recruiting or training your staff?  This could perhaps be as part of a Modern Apprenticeship or as an entry route.

SQA carry out a scoping exercise every 5 years to review employer’s input to shaping these qualifications.  In practice, this means that what you feed in now, will reflect in the qualifications being used by your company from now until 2025.

With the changes in the educational landscape and in engineering with Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, and Digital Manufacturing, this review is more critical than ever. It’s essential that your voice as an employer is heard to shape the provision, and there is a short window to make your voice heard.

Stewart McKinlay, Associate Director at the Engineering Academy at the University of Strathclyde would appreciate if the relevant person in your organisation provide as much feedback as possible to the scoping review by completing the survey via the link” here: