Article originally published by Ceres Holographics.

Ceres Holographics, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of holographic thin films for advanced transparent displays in automotive and other applications, today announced it has received a grant from Innovate UK, the country’s national innovation agency. The grant recognizes the transformational significance and commercial potential of Ceres’ patented HoloFlekt® technology.

HoloFlekt® technology overcomes all the traditional barriers to repeatable, reliable hologram recording, and high-volume production of Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs), enabling configurable high performance transparent displays for both automotive and other applications. Seamlessly embedded into a windscreen, Ceres’ precision engineered HOEs are paired with an LED-based projector system discreetly, and cost-effectively, integrated in the vehicle’s cabin, making this innovative solution suitable for mass adoption. HoloFlekt® technology can transform any windscreen or other glass structure into an ultra-bright, full color and compact Heads-Up Display, where safety, operational, navigation and infotainment content can all be shown in a clear and non-distractive manner regardless of external light conditions.

The grant will be used by Ceres to enhance the product validation and characterisation technology used in its digital mastering and high-volume replication processes, as part of the complete commercialization process. This grant follows on from the award of a Horizon 2020 Grant to Ceres from the Europe Union Research and Innovation Programme.

“This support from Innovate UK is indicative of the growing endorsement and validation of our technology for improving safety and user-experience through a more intuitive and less distractive display of information for both drivers and passengers,” said Andy Travers, CEO of Ceres. “We have seen from our participation at recent CES 2023 event, and interaction there with dozens of top vehicle manufacturers, there is a strong market demand for the economic, performance and implementation benefits our holographic enabled display technology can deliver. We are actively involved in prototype development and initial adoption projects with several major automotive OEMs. We appreciate the recognition and contribution from Innovate UK as we further refine our HoloFlekt production processes and commercial readiness for volume production.”